The Turksmaster Game Show Casting

Turksmaster Game Show cast pilot
Credit: Elemento Photography Ltd.
What is the Turksmaster Game Show?

The Turksmaster Game Show is a trivia web series, where contestants answer questions based on Turks and Caicos Islands’ history along with traditional and pop culture.

What is required of the contestants?

Their brain. You don’t have to be a genius, just show up willing to participate, be a good sport and have a good time.

*When signing up you get to choose your filming availability.

How does the game work?

The rules are simple. Contestants will be asked a range of questions in relation to TCI History & culture, over the course of three rounds (9 questions), pressing their buzzer to indicate they’d like to answer the question.

As rounds progress the value of points also go up (Round One – 1pts, Round Two – 2pts, Round Three – 3pts. If there is a tie, we initiate a BONUS round and that answer is worth 5 pts.

If you were given answer options to a question, you only get one try. But don’t get too comfortable, it is anyone’s game as in the final round you get a chance to phone a lifeline.

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What’s in it for me?

A boat load of fun, bragging rights and in each episode, the winner wins a cash prize of $100.

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How can I advertise in the show?

We have a number of video ad slots, product placement opportunities and sponsored questions we can slide in the series.

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