Turks and Caicos Twitter reacts to Kemuel Cox latest Rake and Scrape single ‘Why You Marry Me?’

Just in time for Regatta 56, the young artiste releases the heartbreak song of a union.

The often overlooked indigenous genre Rake and Scrape is not forgotten it seems as high-schooler Kemuel Cox releases the new single ‘Why you Marry Me?’.

Ahead of the Regatta 56th festival, the South Caicos native pens a track laden with sorrow. Written from the point of view of a slighted husband, we hear the story of how a wife cheats on her husband and steals his money.

Cox is a musical prodigy who first became known to some, after winning the 2020 Turks and Caicos Tourist Board video competition. The video was scored with a self-written original song when he was just thirteen years old.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

He is now back with another original song, this time going ‘In da Bush’ three years later.

Turks and Caicos Twitter reacted with positive reviews to the release, which is being said to rival Keno Hall’s hit ‘Man in Law‘.


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