About Us


WAVES is a media company pioneered by youth of the TCI, dedicated to showcasing local talent + keeping the culture alive.

Through online media fixtures like YouTube and WAVES Magazine, we will bring you stories in the sections of fashion, music, visual arts, performing arts, culture and current affairs.

Our goal at WAVES is to take you on a journey, where you can shadow the hidden creativity chilling in our backyard and indulge in what makes us great. Through this online magazine and other media outlets, we are proving TCI creativity and culture is not dead.

As a sister of Brain Food TCI, a career and education platform, we are setting out to CHANGE the way Turks Islanders view native creative produce and AMPLIFY what already exists. We also want our youth to be informed dreamers, which is why we cover various current affairs topics on our magazine.

Meet the Team

Nandina Hislop

Nandina leads all design, web or advertising aspects of WAVES Magazine TCI. Contact for digital and advertising queries.

Davanya Deveaux

Davanya edits and commissions articles on WAVES Magazine. Contact for editorial queries.

Kayanna Gibson
WAVES Correspondent
Loren Hall
WAVES Correspondent
Layton Lewis
WAVES Correspondent
Arielle Neely
WAVES Correspondent
Tray Robinson
Performing Arts Correspondent

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