Style Guide & How to Pitch to WAVES Magazine

WAVES Magazine tells stories of TCI creativity and culture via our online magazine and Youtube channel. We are always looking for stories which speak to this notion so here’s a guide on how pitch to WAVES Magazine.

Our primary interest for articles is in Music, Fashion, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Culture.

We also cover Current Affairs which largely encompasses political stories, and new developments in Turks and Caicos discourse we think you should know about. We’ve incorporated this section to keep our vast youth audience informed on impactful topics.

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What are we looking for?

Largely our tone is an even mix of vivaciousness and educational. Each reader should leave feeling informed and enlightened. Every article should be inclusive and void of discriminatory language.

How to pitch?

1. We accept pitches via this page.
2. Keep pitches capped at 250 words, with concise details.
3. In a pitch, we want to hear about why the story should be told and why you would like to write it.
4. After submitting a pitch we will get back to you via email on if it is accepted and a guide on how we would like to see it written.
5. Even if we do not accept your pitch at the submission time, we may ask you to write the piece at a later date. Just keep sending your ideas in!
6. Here is a sound guide to submitting pitches -> JournoResources.

Article Formats

Our magazine has six main sections: Music, Fashion, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Culture and Current Affairs. WAVES Mag tends to write articles in these formats:

  • Essays
  • Profiles
  • Listicles
  • Features (Q&A and Interviews)
  • First Person (Personal and Commentary)
  • Opinion

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Guide to Sections


For Music, we tell both historical and contemporary stories. So while we will speak to old Rake and Scrape hits we cover new releases from burgeoning local artists in the TCI and the diaspora. We are open to reviews, new releases, think-pieces, rankings, nostalgia play or anything you think sounds relevant.

This can be done in any of the article formats outlined above.


This section is notoriously difficult to get stories in, so we welcome any story you can bring to this. Stories could be on new things happening in Turks’ fashion world or notable previous happenings.

Fair warning, we are not actively looking for First Person stories on fashion but you can still pitch your ideas to us.


Performing Arts covers the art of dance and acting. Stories in this section can speak on Film/TV, theatre, musicals or anything which involves these art-forms.

We accept pitches in all the article formats outlined above.


When thinking of culture, people tend to think about your ‘way of life’. Use this to channel what you write about. Cultural stories can pick on stories of the past, but these can also speak on what the current TCI experience is like. So this can mean, what is hot right now in TCI pop culture, hangout spots, trending topics, nostalgia and events.

We accept pitches in all the article formats outlined above.


Visual Arts covers the art forms of: photography, painting, ceramics, graphic design & illustration, drawing, sculpture and crafts. Stories in this section can be on anything which involves the listed art-forms.

We accept pitches in all the article formats outlined above.


Current Affairs for us consists of political stories and new developments in Turks and Caicos discourse we think you should know about.

We have a limit on the number of Current Affairs we cover, therefore there is first preference for the most topical pitch.

We accept pitches in all the article formats listed above.


Do you get paid?

If you join the writers team, you will be paid commission on a case by case basis. Apply to join the team here >>

For freelancers, we offer a limited number of commissions. Therefore you should aim to pitch your articles early. Pitch here >>

How can you contact us?

If you would like to send us a pitch, tip or enquiry visit

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How do I advertise with WAVES Magazine?

We have a number of ad spaces available on our site. Send an email with the details of your ad to

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For personal and business features, send an email to or

How can I support WAVES Magazine like a true Wave Rider?

You can help us keep the current alive through one-off or monthly contributions here ->

All contributions go towards our monthly costs and the WAVES team so that we can produce more content monthly.

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