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5 Most Superb TCI Sunsets of 2020, Unranked

While the rest of the world plummets into dark and bitter winters, the TCI is blessed with tropical weather all year-round.

Sunsets across the world are all synonymous with romance, rest and relaxation. However, when coupled with a beachside view of white-sand beaches and azure tranquil waves, the one-word description that comes to mind immediately is: paradise.

Here at WAVES, we thought long and hard about the most notable sunset snaps captured in the Turks and Caicos and have compiled a list, courtesy of what is arguably the biggest photo-sharing app out there – Instagram.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

This list will exhibit just a few of our favourite sunsets, in no particular ranking order. All images were captured in 2020, by some of the brightest photographers in the TCI. Feel free to ‘OOH and ‘AAH’.

David Gallardo [@worldofphotography]

You can’t help but stare in awe at this image by David Gallardo [@worldofoceansphotography]. The composition allows for a juxtaposition between the immensely yellow sunset and a highly detailed image of the endangered Green Turtle whose iridescence is reflected off of the water’s surface. This image is a marvellous display of the biodiversity, that the marine life of the Turks and Caicos has the responsibility to protect.

Caya Hico [@cayahico]

With sunsets come silhouettes, and this piece of art immaculately shows just that. With its sails pointed toward the sky, a single sailboat sits before a magnificent sunset. In addition to the garish setting sun, and the sapphire moodiness of the ocean, Caya Hico [@cayahico] captured an image that is simply defined as ethereal splendour.

Jaycee Williams []

In 2020, Picturesque [] started the year out on a high note. This image evokes a feeling of nostalgia as most sunsets do. The model looks off into the distance, as her background is flooded with a vivid and satisfying range of orange, pink and blue hues. This colour burst blurring along with the silhouette of a jetty, beautifully presents the silhouette of its muse.

Charles Mathurin [@charles_mathurin]

Charles Mathurin [@charles_mathurin] has captured an image that displays a spectrum that is amazingly vivid. It seems as if a dragon had just finished painting the sky with it’s fiery breath. The subtlety of each colour, makes it easy to see why TCI’s coastlines have been named ‘World’s Best Beach’ so many times.

Charlie Hawkins [@charliexhawkins]

This last image embodies exactly what comes to mind when you hear sunset. A round yellow sun, light rays piercing through the clouds and there’s something entrancing about the way that the light rays travel symmetrically through the water in this image. The horizon seemingly divides heaven and earth as ripples in the water chops up the linear trail of gold that the sun creates as it descends. Charlie Hawkins [@charliexhawkins] we salute you. 

So there you have it, our picks for the top five sunset pics of 2020! What did you think of the list? Is there an artist that you’d like to see featured in the future? We’d love to hear what you think so feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Alique Harvey

Editorial & Media Assistant

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