Romance and Scrape: Here’s 7 of the most romantic Rake and Scrape lyrics

As you’re stuck inside during this curfew, its only right that you lock into some of the sweetest Rake and Scrape tunes this Valentine’s Day.

Known for it’s electrifying effect, Rake and Scrape music is guaranteed to have any listener on their feet within seconds of being played. While it is not uncommon for songs to be centered around somewhat random themes, romance is definitely a favourite.

While curfew might have come as a disappointment, now you have plenty of time to select the perfect song to set the mood when curfew ends on February 16th. So instead of sweet nothings, serenade your loved one(s) with our most romantic Rake and Scrape lyrics!

K.B. – Heaven Knows

“Look what heaven gave me, I found a dream come true, girl you are my lighthouse, your love has led me to you…”

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

A favourite for many locals, this song is perfect for professing your love to a special someone in your life. It tells of how his lover is a perfect match for him as he sings that the heaven above knows that he loves her and just how much he cares. He thanks the heavens that he found her love.

Elroy and Daz – Don’t Play That Song (Darling I Love You)

“Darling I love you (You know that you lied).”

Originally written by Ben E. King, this song recalls the memories of a toxic relationship. But when played to a sweet Rake and Scrape melody, the tone and lyrics of the song mimic a cry of someone longing for love despite being hurt by a past lover.

Performed by many local bands such as Elroy and Das, Keno and Kazz , V6 and Kew Band Links, this song is one in which anyone who has experienced a heart break can relate to. Locals are often seen with one hand on their chest and the other in the air as they sing out towards the sky.

Darling I Love You performed until 3:00.

Geno D. – Gal if I Had You

“Gal if I had you, Oh the things that we could do. If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, I’ll be doing wrong the rest of my life”

Written by the Bahamian artist Geno D., he sings of his longing for a beautiful lady and what he would do if he had the opportunity to be with her. If there’s a lady that you’ve been wanting to express your desire for, then this song will definitely help you put those feelings into words.

Keno & Kaz – Hold Me Baby

“Hold me baby, drive me crazy, sexy lady; I wanna hold you tight. Everybody in the party, let me see you do it just wanna see you dance tonight.”

If you’re in the dancing mood then this song is surely one to play. These lyrics recall a night on the dance floor as he dances with a ‘sexy lady’. Hold your lover close and imagine it’s just the two of you on the dance floor as you groove the night away in the comfort of your home.

Time stamp – 4:01

Keno & Kaz – No One Can Stop Me Now

“I ga give her what she want, I ga do it all night long, yes I’ll do it in the morning, no one can stop me now.”

If Casanovas had a Rake and Scrape signature song, this would undoubtedly be it. This song is definitely one for all the Casanovas out there – singing of how no one can stop him from making love to any woman of his choice. Talking of how all the ladies lust for him he sings “three, four, seven gals, they waiting in line but I can only do you one at a time”. If you’re a single bachelor who’s got the ladies all over you, then this should be the tune you play for the ladies this valentine’s day so they know they’re not the only one interested.

Time stamp – 2:10

Stevie S – You Got What it Takes

“You got what it takes to take what I got, you giving me a fever gal I running hot. If ya pockets’ empty gal I’ll fill them up.”

Everyone wants to know that their significant other can love them with their all and when you think your lover’s the full package, you’ll give them that and more – at least in this artist’s case. Reminisce of what made you first fall in love as you hold your loved one close with their head on your shoulder.

Sweet Emily ft. Ronnie Butler – Look What You Do

“It’s on my face grab me round my waist, ohh look what you do to me. I’m going insane when I hear your name, ohh look what you do.”

Crazy about your special someone? Then express just how crazy in love they’ve made you with this song. Take turns singing Emily’s and Ronnie’s verses as you look into each other’s eyes smiling and dancing.

What is your favourite romantic Rake and Scrape song? Let us know your top picks!

Kayanna Gibson

WAVES Correspondent

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