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๐Ÿ”ด LIVE: Turks and Caicos 2021 Election Results

Here are all the results from the 2021 General Election as they stand.

Election Day is here and thousands of votes across the Turks and Caicos Islands are being counted.

This day has been both dreaded and anticipated by the public. Some attribute this to the zeal of the opposition and their supporters for the election date to be set. Others are just anxious to hear about who will lead the upcoming administration. Despite a date being announced, our friend COVID-19 (better known as ‘The Rona’) almost pushed Election Day to further postponement.

All in all, this 2021 election season has been particularly historic with many firsts.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

This candidate cohort has seen a large number of independent candidates being wholeheartedly supported by the public. Some believe this is an indication of a shift from party loyalty the TCI is known for, however this is all speculation and will be proven at the polls.

With over 8,500 people registered to vote according to the 2020 voters’ list, this has been the largest voter registry turnout. Hopefully, this higher number of registered voters also translates to a high voter turnout, unlike the 2016 election, where the general voter turnout had amassed to just 80.41%.

As far as predictions go, political buffs believe that the ED4 district affectionately known as the Twin Islands, determines the direction of the entire election’s outcome. In 2016, the Twin Islands drew in the largest district voter turnout at 89.04%. If this prediction is correct, and the turnout remains this high, we will learn early on what the outcome of this election will be.

We know you may be anxious, but it is against the law to purchase alcohol on Election Day. So fellow voters, be sure to brew some fever-grass to keep your wits about you while you wait.

Here are the 2021 General Election results:

All-Island District

The Progressive National Party has secured all five of the available All-Island District seats.

(PNP) Charles Missick – 3594 Votes

(PNP) Erwin Jay Saunders – 3478 Votes

(PNP) Josephine Connolly – 3464 Votes

(PNP) Jamell Robinson – 3418 Votes

(PNP) Shaun Malcolm – 3157 Votes

Remaining All-Island District Results

PDM Candidates

Robert Been – 2527

Karen Malcolm – 2491

Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson – 2470

Derek Taylor – 2352

Maxovonno Thomas – 2242

Independent Candidates

Jacqueline Lightbourne – 300

Courtney Missick – 280

George Lightbourne – 162

LeKensay Missick – 107

Jermaine Fulford – 85

Alicia Swann – 81

Lucky Forbes – 75

PDA Candidates

Winston McLaughlin – 89

List of 2016 All-Island District Winners

(PDM) Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson

(PDM) Karen Malcolm

(PDM) Derek Taylor

(PDM) Josephine Connolly

(PNP) Charles Washington Missick

Electoral Districts

ED1 Grand Turk North

Winner: (PNP) Otis ‘Chuck’ Morris362 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Temard Butterfield – 244 Votes

2016 Winner: (PNP) George Lightbourne

ED2 Grand Turk South

Winner: (PDM) Edwin Astwood414 Votes

Opponent: (PNP) Leshun Missick – 297 Votes

2016 Winner: (PDM) Edwin Astwood

ED3 South Caicos

Winner: (PNP) Rev. John Malcolm190 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Patrease Thomas – 109 Votes

2016 Winner: (PNP) Ruth Blackman

ED4 North & Middle Caicos

Winner: (PNP) Arlington ‘Chuck’ Musgrove293 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Ralph Higgs – 220 Votes

2016 Winner: (PDM) Ralph Higgs

ED5 Leeward & Long Bay

Winner: (PNP) Akierra Missick460 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Gertrude Saunders-Forbes – 249 Votes

2016 Winner: (PNP) Akierra Missick

ED6 The Bight

Winner: (PNP) Matthew Jay Stubbs367 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Audric Skippings – 299 Votes

2016 Winner: (PNP) Porsha Stubbs

ED7 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill

Winner: (PNP) Samuel ‘Sammy’ Been487 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Douglas Parnell – 411 Votes

2016 Winner: (PDM) Douglas Parnell

ED8 Blue Hills

Winner: (PNP) Randy Howell333 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Goldray Ewing – 318 Votes

2016 Winner: (PDM) Goldray Ewing

ED9 Five Cays

Winner: (PNP) Rachel Taylor510 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Sean Astwood – 359 Votes

2016 Winner: (PDM) Sean Astwood

ED10 Wheeland & West Caicos

Winner: (PNP) Kyle Knowles – 273 Votes

Opponent: (PDM) Vaden Delroy Williams – 270 Votes

2016 Winner: (PDM) Vaden Delroy Williams

Source: TCI Elections Office

Nandina Hislop

WAVES Magazine Head of Digital

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