Babyboy Jay Releases the EP ‘Excuse My Distance’

Following last year’s Eternal Pain, Babyboy Jay released his highly anticipated rap EP, Excuse My Distance this past week.

The 6-track long extended play definitely gives a taste of Jay’s range. From piano-dependent beats like the one featured on the first track “No Limit,” to rapping over a guitar-led beat in the infectious “No Disguise,” the entire EP provides a range of vibes that are perfect for a long ride. Jay raps over a variety of topics including his goals, his and his friends’ experiences in life and of course, love. 

According to Babyboy Jay, Excuse My Distance features just a few songs that he has in his stash. Choosing the tracks that he felt his audience really needed to hear right now, Jay titled each of the tracks on the EP in accordance with the topics they address. The “Ballin Like Nash” rapper even hands us the bonus track “Street Affection” which has been out on his YouTube for quite some time, but due to high demand, he has finally released the audio for it. 

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We got the opportunity to ask Babyboy Jay a few questions to ensure that you go into this EP with some more insight:

Q: What is the difference between your previous project, Eternal Pain, and your new EP, Excuse My Distance?

A: In the making of Eternal Pain, I was going through a lot emotionally and I made that project off of those true feelings. While with Excuse My Distance, I made this EP off what I’m actually going through in life, what people around me are going through, where I’m living and what I’m seeing. So Eternal Pain was more about feelings and Excuse My Distance is about what’s going on in real life.

Q: What’s your favourite song on the EP? 

A: My favourite song on the EP is “Ballin Like Nash”, and that’s for two main reasons. One reason is because when I hear a beat like that, that’s my favourite type of beat to talk s***. Excuse my profanity, but that’s my favourite beat to let myself be heard. The next reason is because of the way I flow on it, I don’t feel like anybody can flow like me. I try to switch up the flow as much as I can, I don’t try to overdo it ‘cause it’ll sound off. I try to do it in the right spots, and I felt like the song is just perfect with all that.

Q: For those who don’t know you or your music, what is one thing you want them to know before they listen to Excuse My Distance?

A: If you don’t know me or know about my music, first of all, go everywhere on all platforms and search me up “Babyboy Jay.” Also @therockstarpope on Instagram and Twitter. Now, when you listen to my music, just have an open mind. If you have an open mind, you’ll understand what I’m saying. I say everything clear, I talk a little slurred, but I say everything clear; and if you listen to the music, you’ll understand what I come from and what I go through.

Listen to Excuse My Distance on Apple Music or wherever you stream music here.

Loren Hall

WAVES Correspondent

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