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Another TCI Artist enters The Global Art Awards with multi-art pieces including Midnight Palm & Caicos

Support our artist, John Desormeaux.

You may have seen us talk about HezronH‘s nomination for The Global Art Awards, featuring the SOVEREIGN art piece. Well, another Turks and Caicos artist has stepped into the arena as John Desormeaux has entered himself into the competition.

To recap, The Global Art Awards is a Tokyo, Japan-based art competition where artists are able to nominate various art pieces to be voted on by members of the public. Finalists are determined by the number of votes submitted and tallied by May 25, 2021. These finalists will then progress on to the official award show which will take place on June 5, 2021.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

John Desormeaux has entered two pieces into the mix — ‘In the Paint’ along with ‘Midnight Palm & Caicos’ a piece he allowed his followers to entitle.

If you’ve never heard of Desormeaux, he’s known across social media as @newcultureart, specialising in mixed-media and rock balance art.

Support this artist and help him become a finalist by voting! To make sure you select the correct art piece, search for ‘Midnight Palm & Caicos’ or ‘In the Paint’. VOTE HERE >>

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