21 Savage Wins for Team TCI at 45th Northwest Track and Field Classic Meet

This 2021 Track season was not a total bummer for the TCIAAA. Read on to see first hand from team member Zoe Butler.

After the 2021 CARIFTA Games in Bermuda were cancelled, Turks and Caicos Amateur Athletic Association athletes still managed to get their arms and legs stretched at the 45th Northwest Track & Field Classic meet – along with some wins.

With 21 medals in tow and a confidence boost, the TCI Track team arrived in style last week Monday looking picture perfect.

Star athlete Zoe Butler, who brought home two gold medals (800m & 1500m) shared her excitement at hers and the team’s performance at the games. Butler also let WAVES in on the ups and downs of this year’s track season and highlighted pockets of opportunity for improvement, leading up to the next meet.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

How happy are you with your performance at the 45th Northwest Track and Field Classic Meet?

I have competed on the international level several times before. However I think this experience was particularly special for me because it is my last experience at the Junior level, and to represent Turks and Caicos as a junior athlete.

So it was special in that regard and it’s always good to run internationally to get competitive outside of the Turks and Caicos at the curve. The trials for most of my events I ran with two or three persons, so just having a full race was really exciting for me.

(L-R) Zoe Butler with teammate & High Jump National Record holder Tanesia Gardiner | Image via Gertrude Saunders-Forbes/FB

What was your experience competing in an international meet after this delayed period?

As mentioned before, I represented the Turks and Caicos as a Junior for the last time in Miami, so going forward I’ll be running with the big girls.

I do intend to do Track and Field at the collegiate level, so that is at least for the next 4 years. I think for any athlete, the life goal would be to represent their country at the Olympics, but if not, collegiate level. I’m just looking for more opportunities to grow as an athlete to run faster, get stronger, and to have fun.

What’s next for Zoe Butler & the team?

Fortunately, I was able to win both my events and for that I’m super grateful. However, I cannot ignore the fact that there is much more work that needs to be done. 

I think one thing the games really highlighted for me was [lack of] wrist fitness. It was only my second time competing in the whole season and so I believe if I had more opportunities to compete and learn from my mistakes then the times would certainly be better. I’m not complaining, it’s been a really hard season.

I have struggled through injuries; uncertainties due to COVID-19 I was in and out of training, so considering everything I think I had a fair performance. There’s only one way to go, and that’s up, so it’s just me getting stronger and faster from here on.

Here’s the medal breakdown:

& Medals
Lynn Antoine (Girls 15-16)Long Jump (Gold), 4x100m Relay (Silver)
Zoe Butler (Girls 17-18)800m (Gold), 1500m (Gold)
Aniyah Forbes (Girls 15-16)Discus (Silver), 4x100m Relay (Silver)
Ashley Gardiner (Girls 13-14)Long Jump (Gold)
Tanesia Gardiner (Girls 15-16)1500m (Gold), 4x100m Relay (Silver)
Carson Garland (Boys 15-16)High Jump (Gold)
Devario GarlandLong Jump (Silver), High Jump (Silver)
Roniesha Johnson (Girls 13-14)400m (Bronze)
Omari Lightbourne1500m (Silver)
Daisy McIntosh (Girls 15-16)4x100m Relay (Silver)
Darvioun RigbyShot Put (Gold)
Rayvon Walkin (Boys 15-16)High Jump (Gold), 100m (Silver), Long Jump (Gold)
Antwon Walkin (Boys 15-16)Shot Put (Gold), Discus (Silver)
Jaquasia Wright (Girls 15-16)Javelin (Gold), Shot Put (Bronze)

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