Nailed it: 5 Nail Designs You Need This Summer 2021

Wardrobes aren’t the only thing changing with the season. As the summer months roll on, spark some life into your nails with these trendy designs. 💅

Summer has officially started, and of course, everyone is trying to look their best as we get back to being outside! At the top of most people’s self-care list is making sure their nails are in tip-top shape. So, we at WAVES Magazine are making your life a little easier and giving you the 5 biggest nail trends of the season.

As a forewarning, these trends leak into each other, which makes the options endless when it comes to deciding how you’ll do your nails across the next two months.

1. Neon and Pastel Colours

If you’re not taking risks with colours this summer, then you’re not embracing summer at all. Whether you’ve got a different colour on each nail, or a cute design that pops right off your nails, colour is definitely hot right now.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

2. Abstract Designs

Speaking of designs, people have clearly been venturing out of the box with what they feature on their fingertips. Geometric shapes and curvy lines are very popular this season and a fun way to add something artsy to your nails.

3. Negative Space

Another trend that has been making waves is negative space. Fun fact: you don’t have to cover your entire nail with nail polish! Having clear nails with a design here and there is becoming the new norm as people begin to take the risk.

4. French Tips (with a twist)

Like most trends, certain aspects of the past come back in style with a vengeance and French tips is certainly one of them. However, the real tastemakers are going beyond the usual style and making things more abstract (see trend #2). Some are even employing colour, or the previously popular shades of nude, to switch up the classic style.

5. Press-on Nails

Now hear me out, last year press-on nails shook the table across the globe, especially because nail salons were closed in many places. But after a while, we started to see a decline in the trend. However, with summer’s return, I really feel like they’re going to be making a comeback.

The workplace culture of various jobs does not allow creativity in nails to be as “out there” as the trends previously mentioned. So, press-on nails may be the way to go for many to embrace what’s hot this summer and quickly switch back to what’s acceptable at their workplace.

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With the likes of Pressaholic Nail Co, Tempting Tips and more, you can easily make the most of the press-on nail trend and switch up your summer nails with each fit.

Which one of these trends are you feeling the most this summer? 💅

Loren Hall

WAVES Correspondent

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