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Meet the Candidates that have chosen to represent you, TCI General Election 2021

Nomination Day has passed, which is the deadline for all candidates to register to run in the Turks and Caicos 2021 General election.

In the Turks and Caicos Islands, there is a designated Nomination Day for all candidates to present themselves to serve the country in the House of Assembly. This year, Nomination Day fell on January 29, 2021, and the candidates’ names have all rolled in.

Here are the candidates that have chosen to represent you in Government for the election season 2021.

District Candidates

Voters are permitted to vote for one (1) candidate in their constituency.

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival
ED1 Grand Turk NorthOtis MorrisTemard Butterfield
ED2 Grand Turk South & Salt CayLeshun MissickEdwin Astwood
ED3 South CaicosJohn MalcolmPatrice Thomas
ED4 North & Middle CaicosArlington ‘Chuck’ MusgroveRalph Higgs
ED5 Leeward & Long BayAkierra MissickGertrude Forbes
ED6 The BightMatthew Jay StubbsAudric Skippings
ED7 Cheshire Hall & Richmond HillSamuel ‘Sammy’ BeenDouglas Parnell
ED8 Blue Hills & High RockRandy HowellGoldray Ewing
ED9 Five CaysRachel TaylorSean Astwood 
ED10 Wheeland & West CaicosKyle KnowlesVaden ‘Delroy’ Williams

All-Island Candidates

Voters are permitted to vote for up to five (5) All-Island candidates from any party or independent candidate. You are not required to use all five votes.

Sharlene Cartwright-RobinsonCharles ‘Washington’ MisickWinston McLaughlinCourtney Missick
Derek TaylorErwin Jay SaundersJermaine Fulford 
Maxovonno ThomasShaun Malcolm LeKensay Missick
Robert Been Jr.Josephine ConnollyJacqueline Lightbourne
Karen Malcolm Jamell RobinsonGeorge Lightbourne
Lucky Forbes
Alicia Swann

Are you a first time voter or unsure how elections work? We explain it all here.

Tune in to our All-Island Candidate Q&A

This series of Q&A interviews, feature party (one representative per party) and independent candidates expounding on their plans for the country at large. Additionally, they share their views on developing creativity + culture in the TCI.

Election Day is February 19, 2021. Make your voices heard!

Nandina Hislop

WAVES Magazine Head of Digital

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