TCI’s First Elite Track and Field Development Camp 2021 begins

With local Elite athletes and international reinforcements in tow, our nation's budding athletes are introduced to Track & Field Development camp.

We’ve witnessed their triumphs and setbacks on and off the track and field. Now TCI’s Elite Athletes Yanique Haye-Smith, Ifeanyi Otuonye and Delano Williams are giving back in the capacity of facilitators for the long anticipated Track and Field Development Camp. Hosted by the TCI Sports Commission, festivities launched with a Symposium Tuesday night at 6PM at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex.

WAVES was there and spoke with some of TCI’s professional Track and Field athletes.

Yanique Haye-Smith has records in almost everything on the track but her main focus is the hurdles. She says being able to pass on her knowledge is something she is eager to do during the camp. She says athletes can expect…

“Fun of course and everyone will walk away with experiences we have and they will be learning different sports. In particular, my sport, Hurdling. So I’ll just transfer what I know and hopefully we can transfer new talents here.”

the turksmaster on the go at rake and scrape festival

Delano Williams, TCI’s first Olympian and World Championship medalist, shared his thoughts on the camp.

I think this camp is tremendous especially with the invited guests that we have. [Ifeanyi} shows his vision to them and I guess they’re buying his vision which is great!”.

Ifeanyi Otuonye has been Instrumental in the planning of the event, works for the Sports Commission and is the national record Holder in the high jump. He gave us a breakdown of what the day by day activities of the camp will be like.

“I think them being able to interact with these athletes. You know you being able to smile and have fun. [Participants] being able to learn the fundamentals of track and field… Starting from the bottom and coming up.”

Ifeanyi Otuonye speaking at the Symposium

Reinforcements were brought in to guide the youth in the camp.

With some of Ifeanyi Otuonye’s international elite athletic pals in tow, the nation’s top athletes are in good company for the Track and Field Development Camp. 

Erik Kaynard Jr. is one of the camp’s guest facilitators. He specializes in High jump and also happens to be an Olympic Gold medalist and a 10-time National Champion in the US. He told us how he came to be a part of the camp.

“[Ifeanyi] extended an invitation and I was very excited to be a part of this camp. We’ve put many camps on at our alma mater in Kansas State University…”.

Kimberly Williamson has been training for the Oregon World Championships next year. She’s also a 6-time Jamaican national champion and also specializes in the high jump. She says it was a no-brainer when Ifeanyi asked her to come to the TCI and be a part of the camp.

“So when [Ifeanyi] told me about the [camp] and what he was looking to accomplish I was like “Sign me up” like, he didn’t have to finish the sentence “Come to Turks? Done deal”.

Due to increasing COVID-19 cases, the Elite Development Track and Field Summer Camp is an Invitation only event. Follow the Sports Commission on Facebook for live updates related to camps and other upcoming events.

The national stadium is still closed for repairs so the Ball Park was the hub for their main physical activities, which began on the 24th and will close on the 28th of August 2021. 

Alique Harvey

Editorial & Media Assistant

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