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Rake and Scrape Festival turns 10!

10 years strong, the Rake n’ Scrape Festival is still here! Hosted on the Twin Islands, specifically North Caicos, the music of our country Turks and Caicos is celebrated in a festive environment with enriching culture.

Taking place at the Horsestable Beach in North Caicos on March 25, 2023, various artists and DJs skilled in the genre of Rake n’ Scrape will be featured at the event. Confirmed for the setlist so far have been ProVision Band, Qband Links, A+ Bands, Arvy, DJ Space and DJ Trevor G.

Before the Rake n’ Scrape festival, the event was known as Festerama but was rebranded to represent more than just a party but a display of TCI culture.

The Twin Islands are less traversed compared to the ‘city’ of Providenciales, even though they sport arguably the best beaches in the country.


It also has the landscape to be a thriving island for eco-tourism and adventure tourism.

At the festival this year, local vendors will be present to sell pieces and we make room for spirited sportsmanship with domino tournaments.

Jump on Caribbean Cruisin to North Caicos on March 25th to see what Rake n Scrape festival is all about. We’ll see you there!

Nandina Hislop

WAVES Magazine Head of Digital

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